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The Difference Between New and Used Pallets

Updated: Jan 23

The pallet industry is filled with manufacturers that specialize in providing new pallets, used pallets, or even both. At Konz Wood Products we provide our customers with a wide variety of both new and used pallets.

In this blog we'll be breaking down the main differences between new and used pallets to help you make the right decision on your next pallet order.

Condition of Pallets:

A stack of new pallets

New Pallets: New pallets haven't been used in any previous shipments or storage, and have not yet been used to support any loads.

A stack of used pallets

Used Pallets: Used pallets have been previously employed in shipping or storage operations. They may show signs of wear, such as scuffs, scratches, or minor damage. However, depending on their grade, used pallets can hold up to 2,000 lbs in some cases. 


Origin of New vs Used Pallets

New Pallets being produced and Konz Wood Products

New Pallets: New pallets are manufactured directly from a pallet manufacturer. Typically they have specifically engineered pallet designs to safely and effectively support uniquely packaged goods from point A to B.

Used Pallet production at Konz Wood Products

Used Pallets: Used pallets are oftentimes collected from all types of manufacturing industries.  When a business receives raw materials on a pallet, oftentimes that pallet specification will not meet the needs of the final product leaving the shipping department, rendering it unusable. 


Durability of New vs Used Pallets

New Pallet

New Pallets: Typically, new pallets are more structurally sound and durable than used pallets. They haven't undergone any stress or damage from previous use, and each new pallet sold under one design specification will have the exact same components.

Used Pallets

Used Pallets: The durability of a used pallet depends on its history and how well it has been maintained. Some used pallets may be just as sturdy as new ones, while others may have wear and tear that affects their strength. More often than not, used pallets are desired by companies that have a light product that is unaffected by lower quality pallet appearance, strength, and cleanliness. 


Cost of New vs Used Pallets:

New Pallets: New pallets are generally more expensive than used pallets due to their pristine condition, custom designs, and manufacturing costs.

Used Pallets: Used pallets are often more cost-effective as they have already been in circulation, and their price may reflect their condition. 



When deciding between new and used pallets, businesses should consider factors such as their budget, the intended use of the pallets, the opportunity cost of pallet failure, and any specific quality or hygiene requirements for their products during transportation or storage. 

Have a question on whether a new or a used pallet is right for you? Contact Konz Wood Products for a candid perspective on your pallet needs.



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