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Konz Wood Products Pallets


Today KWP is a fourth generation multi-million dollar industrial wood products producer. We are one of the largest pallet manufacturers in Wisconsin, employing 90 well-trained professionals who operate our plants using modern, highly efficient equipment. A lot of things have changed over the years at KWP, but our dedication to loyal service, quality products and building invaluable relationships with customers and vendors remains constant.

Konz Wood Products Pallet Warehouse


Established in 1905 as a family-owned farm sawmill operation, Konz Wood Products quickly grew into a respected Midwest cheese box supplier. Over the next century the company expanded its operation to include the production of pallets, skids, shipping crates and related wood packaging. 



Konz Wood Products is a global competitor in the manufacture and sales of shipping and packaging components.

We will maximize efficiency by working smarter than our competitors, while providing a safe, enjoyable work place and recognizing our responsibility to the community and the environment.

We will grow and remain competitive by supplying our customers with the highest value obtained through superior service, benchmark quality, and industry innovation.

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