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The Pallet Professionals

From standard to custom products Konz Wood Products

has the solution for you.

Crafting Excellence

At Konz Wood Products, we stand as Wisconsin's premier pallet manufacturer, blending generations of expertise with modern efficiency. Our skilled team of 90 professionals is committed to delivering top-quality pallets, ensuring unparalleled service, and fostering lasting relationships with our valued customers and partners.


Our Products


New Pallets

At Konz, we have the capabilities to produce any size of new wooden pallet with lumber produced at our own sawmill, Dimension Lumber Co, as well as other local lumber suppliers. We stock a variety of different species of lumber, from low to high density hardwoods, to kiln dried SPF softwood.

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Custom Size Pallets

Custom sized pallets can include pallets that are longer or shorter in length or width, or have unique design specifications to handle products from almost any industry. Have a need for a new pallet design but no current specification? We can use our computerized Pallet Design System to create you a new pallet spec that is uniquely confined to your specific needs.


Recycled Pallets

Listed below are a few examples of our recycled pallet options:

  • #1 Grade A

  • #2 Grade B

  • Combo Pallets

  • Custom Size


48x40 Standard GMA Pallets

This industry standard size pallet is sustainable; compatible with most machinery/product layouts; is cost effective; and are stocked by the thousands in our inventory.

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ISPM 15 Heat Treatment

In house pallet heat treating services are offered to make your pallets out of the country export certified.

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Custom Wood Packaging

If your pallets need screws, bolts, foam, plywood, or other out of the norm components, we are able to manufacture them in our custom products department.

Our Shipping

We own and operate a fleet of semi trucks as well as over 50 trailers. We are able to make deliveries on our own fleet of trucks as well as common carriers for longer distances over 100 miles. Most of our deliveries are within a 100 mile radius of the Fox Valley, but we do service further locations as well.

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Dedicated to Staying Green

The wooden pallet industry is unknown by many to be environmentally friendly. However, wooden pallets have been documented through an Environmental Product Declaration, or EPD, in July of 2020. Essentially, through quantifiable and data proven studies, this EPD proves that wooden pallets have a positive environmental impact over each one’s lifespan.

At Konz Wood Products, we operate as an environmentally friendly wooden pallet manufacturer. All of our pallet components byproducts including sawdust and mulch are reduced, resued, and recycled. We reduce the amount of pallet byproduct and unusable lumber offcuts by having large stock inventories of different pallet sizes, reuse any material that isn’t a good fit for one pallet into others that are, and remanufacture broken pallets into resaleable recycled pallets.


Get Started Today

Elevate your logistics with Konz Wood Products! Contact us today for top-quality pallets in bulk or with any questions – revolutionize your packaging and shipping experience.

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