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The Importance of the 4R's of Pallet Recycling in Wisconsin

When you use remanufactured or repaired pallets from Konz Wood Products, you are participating in an important local recycling program. Recycling is a great way to "put back" some good things for the planet and make sure that future generations will have natural resources. It's also an excellent way to promote your business. At Konz Wood Products, we take pallet recycling in Wisconsin seriously, and we are fully committed to the 4Rs of recycling wooden pallets. Here is what we mean by the "4Rs".

1. Reuse

When possible, wooden pallets are placed back in use. That's why all used pallets that we take in are graded first. This gives us a good idea of what can be reused by making repairs. In fact, our pallets are remanufactured or repaired to give you high-quality pallets at an affordable price.

2. Repair

Some pallets may only need simple repairs. Perhaps some boards need to be re-attached. In some cases, replacement parts may be required. By making repairs, we are able to put thousands of pallets back into service, and this is a great way to limit the amount of new wood needed. Pallet recycling in Wisconsin reduces the need for new wood and makes it easy on today's tree population, and this helps to improve the land and the climate (forests have a positive effect on local climates).

3. Recycle

Recycling helps everyone from the landfills to local business, consumers, and eventually everyone on the planet. By participating, you are making Wisconsin, the US, and the world, a better place to work and live.

4. Renewal

At Konz Wood Products, our 4Rs of pallet recycling in Wisconsin turns broken and unusable pallets into viable shipping containers again. To check out all the good things we can do for your business, call us today toll-free at 1-877-610-5145 or locally at 1-920-734-7770.

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