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Established Sawmill in Wisconsin Providing a Wide Selection of Premium Timber Solutions

Konz Wood Products owns and operates a scragg sawmill in northern Wisconsin. Our state of the art mill is designed to utilize smaller lower cost logs than a grade sawmill. We also utilize the full product of the log when producing our pallet componentsówe do not sort out the upper grade lumber like most other mills. This means providing you with the highest quality pallets available on the market.

Wide Range of High-Quality Wood Products

Konz Wood Products generates pallets of all sizes, as well as custom-made crates, wood packaging, skids, covers and tops, a wide range of lumber, boiler fuel and more. We are committed to minimizing timber wastage at every stage of our operation. When logs are cut to form pallets and similar products, we use the off-cuts to create other, smaller-scale items. We limit the waste and are very environmentally conscious, as we also conduct pallet recycling.
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We Can Transport Your Timber Wherever It Needs to Go

Our fleet of trucks is capable of taking your order to its destination quickly and efficiently. If you need products with strict deadlines, or have a complex ordering schedule that needs competent handling, our delivery fleet is able to deliver what you need, exactly when you need it. If required, we also offer a vendor managed inventory service, as well as a full recycling and refurbishment service for your pallets.

A Sawmill in Wisconsin that is Always Innovating

We are constantly evaluating what we do, looking at ways to improve the services we deliver and make our products even better. We are also eager to work with you and help make your operation more efficient by supplying the pallets, packaging or other items you need, while driving down the cost at the same time. We have long-term relationships with our vendors, which gives us an uninterrupted supply of material, and that extra measure of quality and cost containment translates in direct savings to you. To find out more, call us at (920) 734-7770.

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