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Our Wisconsin Company Provides Pallet Repair, Recycle and Remanufacture Services

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Our commitment to the environment is as important to us as the integrity of our business. To that end, Konz Wood Products recycles 100% of wood waste, ensuring no wood is sent to landfills. What does that mean to you? Access to cost-efficient recycled wood pallet options, plus an earth-friendly option for pallet disposal. Pallet recycling helps to reduce the number of damaged or defective used wooden pallets that are taking up space in your depot or warehouse. We can remove the second hand wooden pallets you no longer need, quickly and conveniently.

Wisconsin Pallet Recycling Makes Financial Sense

Recycling where possible when it comes to waste management and resource conservation also has the potential to save you money, making a positive impact on your bottom line. We have a large local


supply available when you’re searching online for ‘used pallets near me’, which are able to be purchased for a fraction of the price of new pallets. As well as second hand pallets, we are also able to handle recycled wood pallet work, transforming your old pallets that are beyond repair into something useful. We will even pick up your old used wooden pallets for you, as KWP also provides scrap pallet removal from our customers' sites. This forward-thinking green practice keeps the costs of recycling and remanufacturing to a minimum while maximizing the benefits to the earth. We believe that less wood waste ending up in landfills is just good business for everyone.

Useable scrap pallets are graded by size and quality, then repaired and/or remanufactured at our facility, resulting in cost savings to you.

Why Pallet Recycle, Repair, and Remanufacture?

  • Positively affects your bottom line
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Promotes your green initiatives

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