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Why Heat Treated Skids?

For many organizations, it is important to choose a higher quality product. Heat treated skids can be a solution to many of your needs. There are a number of laws requiring that all exported lumber be treated with heat to reduce the risk of any type of pests being in or on the wood....Read More


Do You Benefit from Heat Treated Skids?

When it comes to managing the operations of your company, the details make a big difference. When it comes to updating or choosing a new supplier for skids, what do you look for in a company? The best companies provide you with a reliable product that you will not have to worry about while you are taking care of your daily responsibilities....Read More


4 Reasons to Use Heat Treated Pallets for Your Wisconsin Business

Does your company use wooden pallets? If you ship to international customers, you'll have to comply with ISPM 15, a regulation requiring fumigated or heat treated pallets for your Wisconsin business. So why should you use wood pallets that have been heat treated? Here are four good reasons....Read More


The Importance of the 4R's of Pallet Recycling in Wisconsin

When you use remanufactured or repaired pallets from Konz Wood Products, you are participating in an important local recycling program. Recycling is a great way to "put back" some good things for the planet and make sure that future generations will have natural resources....Read More


Konz Wood for Used Wooden Pallets in Wisconsin

When you choose used wooden pallets for your Wisconsin business, you'll enjoy many benefits. For example, it's a cost-effective strategy for shipping materials and wood is a renewable material that can easily be recycled. Choose Konz Wood Products for your pallet needs....Read More


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