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4 Reasons to Use Heat Treated Pallets for Your Wisconsin Business

Does your company use wooden pallets? If you ship to international customers, you'll have to comply with ISPM 15, a regulation requiring fumigated or heat treated pallets for your Wisconsin business. So why should you use wood pallets that have been heat treated? Here are four good reasons.

1. Export Compliance

When you ship wooden materials (internationally), they must be properly treated to ensure they do not contain pathogens or insects. This is the best way to make sure that other countries are not infested with foreign insects and germs which could have major repercussions on crops and public health.

2. Smooth Shipping Experience

If your materials get to customs and they don't see the ISPM stamp of compliance, they will not let them through. On the other hand, when Konz Wood Products sells heat treated pallets in Wisconsin they are in full compliance with international standards and your materials will not have any problems clearing customs.

3. No Guesswork

Why take chances with your materials? Your international customers are waiting on them, and if they get delayed, they may end up ordering from another company, next time.

4. Eco-Friendly Solution

Which would you rather have, heat treated pallets from Wisconsin, or wooden pallets that have been fumigated with a toxic chemical like methyl bromide? Our heat treatment process exposes the wood to at least 56 degrees Centigrade for a full 30 minutes to effectively sterilize the wood. The alternative to using heat involves permeating the wood with an insecticide that is a known toxin.

Why expose your products to dangerous chemicals when you do not have to? Konz Wood Products offers a safe and effective alternative to fumigation. We also provide a wide range of pallets and pallet services for your business. Call us today at 1-877-610-5145 toll-free or locally at 1-920-734-7770.

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